Automatic high quality leads for your SEO campaings.

Enter your target keyword and we will put together a list of blogs that you should reach out to. We include target url alongside full contact information to make your outreach job easy.

Lead Generation Report Example

Blogger outreach, automated.

It's 2021. Automated doesn't mean worse. We use tools such Ahrefs and Google Search, to automatically generate you relevant leads that will help you connect with relevant blogs, at scale.

💎 High Quality LeadsWe find relevant leads that have high Ahrefs authority and receive organic traffic from Google.
🚀 ScalableGet a full report containing the domain, url and email to start outreaching to bloggers. Repeat for multiple keywords.
🤩 Perfectly AutomatedEnter the keywords you would like to rank for. We will apply some magic and give you a list of leads to reach out to.
🔥 Free to UseFor limited time, the service is completely free to use. Registration is optional to run large-scale campaigns.

Build backlinks that boost your SEO.

Stop trying to manually find relevant articles to feature your product. Let us do the boring work - we will search for leads, while you craft the perfect outreach message to send.

  • Connect with relevant blogs
  • Get backlinks from quality sources
  • Increase search ranking
  • Get targeted organic and referral traffic
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Our Manifesto

How do you generate leads?

We use Google Search and tools like Ahrefs to find relevant blog posts in your niche. We then find author emails and present you with a simple csv report that you can use for your SEO outreach.

Is this a manual process?

No, this is an automated process. Automation allows us to run things at scale and ensures that there is no human error. All leads are sourced from relevant and high quality sources that receive Google love.

Who is this for?

Mentionly helps web apps receive mentions in top quality blog posts on the web. If you recently launched your web app, a one-time report can help you outreach to hundreds of bloggers in your niche to cover your product.

Why should I generate the report?

Links are an important ranking factor in Google. A few highly relevant links can do wonders for your search engine visibility. This report will contain the blog articles and the appropriate contact information that you can use to obtain those early and important links.

I would like to run campaigns with more keywords. How do I get full access?

The generated lead report is just a demo. Please get in touch with us at to obtain full access to our dashboard to run full outreach campaigns.

How do I request more features?

Mentionly is currently in Beta. We are working to add more features and simplify your lead generation efforts. For any requests, please email

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